Kenya Kagumo AB 250g by Bailies Coffee


Quality control and a wealth of experience from factory manager John Muchiri has lead Kagumo to be recognised as one of the best wet mills in Kenya. Find sweet notes of Blueberry, Elderflower & Forest Fruit Jam in this beautiful coffee.

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Details from Bailies Coffee

Kagumo factory is in the Miranga district, on the east slopes of the Aberdare mountain range. Approximately 250 members from Gathiraini, Ruiru, Nyangiti and Kiangoma deliver their cherries to this mill. Factory manager, John Muchiri has a vast knowledge of cherry processing which he has passed on to the whole team, resulting in Kagumo becoming one of the best wet mills in Kenya. Traditionally SL28 and SL34 varieties are grown here, which we are very excited about.


Farmers hand-pick their cherries and bring them to the washing station. Before pulping, the cherries are further separated based on their level of maturation. Disk pulpers then remove the skin. The coffee in mucilage is then fermented for 12-20 hours, the beans are then washed in channels and spread out on drying beds where they are dried over the course of 10-15 days.

  • Region: Muranga
  • Variety: SL28, SL34
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 1750 masl