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Growing and Sharing

We grow food together, with everyone receiving a share of the harvest plus we distribute food every week to those in need of fresh and healthy food.


Working together in a co-operative, eating together, creating friendships, making a space for our local community to enjoy and more.

Caring for Nature

Restoring the land surrounding Origin into a safe haven for wildlife by rewilding, growing organic food, permaculture and more.


Finding space for mental health and wellbeing by working and spending time in nature, building friendships, resting and exercise.

Community Owned / Community Building


Origin started with a few friends seeking to find a way to live healthier lives. We were given some land which was over-grown and in need of a lot of work but where we could begin our journey.

Origin has slowly and sustainably grown into a co-operative community, with all ages joining in to care for the land they collectively own, to grow vegetables for themselves and others, to learn new skills, to get natural exercise as we work the land and to care for animals which we rescue and allow to live out their lives at Origin.

Each person who gets involved not only received vegetables, eggs and more throughout the year, but each of us becomes part of a community who are making a difference to the environment and to those in need of food as we give away a huge amount of the food we harvest.

Everyone Welcome

Join In

Everyone is invited to come and join in. Our team work at Origin every Tuesday and Saturday, 10am-3pm, along with workshops, dinner nights, community days and other special events constantly happening throughout the year.

Get in touch with us and we’ll answer all your questions, or come along and join in!

Healthy Living


Origin started with friends who were burned out and struggling with our mental health. Our experience of working the land and slowing down to enjoy time in nature and with others has been transformational for us and many others in our community.

Origin is a space for rest, retreat, spending time in nature, enjoying coffee from our on-site coffee space and enjoying the best plant based food around – cooked with the food grown in the fields surrounding us.

Why not come and experience how being part of Origin can help your wellbeing.