I don’t even know where to begin on our amazing community day here at Origin. We are so grateful to all the people who came and supported this crazy dream of ours. All of you are brilliant and amazing and truly an immense blessing to us.

All the people who wanted to come but couldn’t thank you for wishing us well we are so grateful for your support.

It was a sunny Saturday morning, the temperature was set for the high teens and we were ready. Ready to welcome, ready to dig and ready to show and experience community at its best. We had butterflies thinking about the food that would be enjoyed together and the many laughs that we would have as we planted potatoes, onions and herbs. This was going to be a good one.

Let me tell you online world it was the best!

People just really show up, when you are honest and vulnerable and you want them to be a part of the journey they just show up because we all just want community we all want to find belonging.

This is what origin is, a place of belonging, a place to exhale and a place to be free not in a cheesy rom-com way, but in a true heartfelt way.

For me, Saturday was cementing that this way we are trying to live is what majority of us actually need, even if a person cannot live the way we are choosing to live 24/7 they can come and get a glimpse and rest for a while. This day of true community was confirming the crazy dream in my head to have a purposeful (tiny) house on our land to live off the land and lead people into a life of slow revolution.

People are always so ‘busy’ which made Saturday more special as it was a good day to stop, leave your baggage at the door and all the busy schedules at home and breathe in fresh country air, hug a chicken or goat, put a spade to the earth and use your muscle to help plant some potatoes.

It was also a day for pure rest you could spend time working for sure but you could swing by the coffee bar and pick up a cold brew and a bun (my fav was the raspberry and coconut with white chocolate-yum) and sit and enjoy the sunshine, make conversation, watch the chickens run about or just rest by sitting and enjoying the day.  

We finished the day the way we finish everyday round a table sharing stories, laughing, eating. We were overwhelmed by the support of all of you and hope to see you all at our next community day.

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