“In just 4 days, top fashion CEO’s earn a garment workers lifetime pay.”

Fashion is a trillion dollar industry, but it’s workers are amongst some of the lowest paid in the world, with around 80% of these being young, marginalized women and our demand for cheap, fast fashion is only driving this exploitation. We all like to find a bargain, to buy cheap and to have the latest fashion, but do we ever stop to think about where and how our clothes are being made? Are the garment factory workers in Cambodia being paid fairly for that top which was bought earlier in H&M? Was the woman in India who sowed the beads onto that embellished dress from Miss Selfridge, forced to work long hours without any breaks? Did the factory in Bangladesh where those jeans that were purchased from Primark, meet the required building health and safety standards? The lack of transparency in the supply chains of the fashion industry makes it difficult to answer these questions. But what is certain is that we are all part of this supply chain and are connected to these garment factory workers across the globe. It’s a supply chain centered on profit and greed and it’s about our greed. Where we choose to buy our clothes from matters and affects both human and environmental rights. But, there is hope. We can all do something about this injustice.

This Friday night, the 2nd of March, Invisible Traffick is hosting a clothes swap at Origin at 7:30 PM. We want to highlight the exploitation in the fashion industry and encourage you all to make small changes in your shopping habits, as together we can make a difference. So, come along this Friday evening to learn about where our clothes come from and how they are being made and maybe start your journey of a creating a more ethical and sustainable wardrobe. Just bring along 3 items of clothing; whether this be tops, trousers, dresses, clothes, shoes or accessories and swap them for another 3 which have been brought along by someone else. It couldn’t be easier! We are suggesting a £5 donation at the door and all proceeds will be going towards the work of Invisible Traffick. Invisible Traffick is a local charity which provides awareness, education and active support to tackle human trafficking in Northern Ireland. To find out more information about what we do, please visit our website http://www.invisibletraffick.org.

Put the date in your diary, it promises to be great evening and the Origin coffee bar will of course be open to purchase teas, coffees and treats. Hope to see you all there!

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