Hi, I’m Megan. I’m a volunteer at Origin.

Origin is a place where I have found a community that is passionate about people, animals and the earth. This is a place where I easily call home. From digging my hands deep into soil in the rain to drinking ethically sourced and sustainable coffee. Origin is home. Origin is a place where burdens are let down and lime green wellingtons are put on. Where running with pigs helps you discover the childlike wonder and freedom you thought you lost. Where geese and chickens are always making sure you know they exist and make you laugh with their personalities and reminds you of your voice and to not be afraid or ashamed to raise it. The goats which remind me that there is a diva within all of us that needs a chance to shine.

Origin exists to create space for people to come together, learning about growing vegetables, caring for animals, and sustainability. It’s also a space of well being, meditation and restoration.

Over the last few years, the team at Origin have worked hard to create this space, but we need your help for the next steps.

This year we would love to add more poly tunnels, increase our growing spaces, purchase tools, fix the flooring in our community space, and host even more events to bring even more people in our community together.

Can you help us?

Click here to go to our GoFundMe page.

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